Source code for scml.scml2020.components.simulation

from import FactorySimulator

__all__ = ["Simulation"]

[docs] class Simulation: """ Provides a simulator to the agent. Provides: - `simulator` (FactorySimulator): A simulator that can be used to simulate the effect of contracts on the future of the factory Hooks Into: - `init` - `step` Remarks: - `Attributes` section describes the attributes that can be used to construct the component (passed to its `__init__` method). - `Provides` section describes the attributes (methods, properties, data-members) made available by this component directly. Note that everything provided by the bases of this components are also available to the agent (Check the `Bases` section above for all the bases of this component). - `Requires` section describes any requirements from the agent using this component. It defines a set of methods or properties/data-members that must exist in the agent that uses this component. These requirement are usually implemented as abstract methods in the component - `Abstract` section describes abstract methods that MUST be implemented by any descendant of this component. - `Hooks Into` section describes the methods this component overrides calling `super` () which allows other components to hook into the same method (by overriding it). Usually callbacks starting with `on_` are hooked into this way. - `Overrides` section describes the methods this component overrides without calling `super` effectively disallowing any other components after it in the MRO to call this method. Usually methods that do some action (i.e. not starting with `on_`) are overridden this way. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.simulator: FactorySimulator = None
[docs] def init(self): self.simulator = FactorySimulator( profile=self.awi.profile, initial_balance=self.awi.state.balance, bankruptcy_limit=self.awi.settings["bankruptcy_limit"], spot_market_global_loss=self.awi.settings["spot_market_global_loss"], catalog_prices=self.awi.catalog_prices, n_steps=self.awi.n_steps, initial_inventory=self.awi.state.inventory, ) super().init()
[docs] def step(self): self.simulator.set_state( self.awi.current_step, self.awi.state.inventory, self.awi.state.balance, self.awi.state.commands, ) self.simulator.fix_before(self.awi.current_step) super().step()