Source code for scml.oneshot.agents.nothing

from negmas import ResponseType

from ..agent import OneShotAgent
from ..policy import OneShotPolicy

__all__ = ["OneshotDoNothingAgent", "Placeholder"]

[docs] class OneshotDoNothingAgent(OneShotAgent): """An agent that does nothing. Remarks: Note that this agent will lose money whenever it is at the edges (i.e. it is an input or an output agent trading in raw material or final product). """
[docs] def propose(self, negotiator_id, state): return None
[docs] def respond(self, negotiator_id, state, source=None): return ResponseType.END_NEGOTIATION
[docs] class Placeholder(OneShotPolicy): """An agent that always raises an exception if called to negotiate. It is useful as a placeholder (for example for RL and MARL exposition)"""
[docs] def act(self, state): raise RuntimeError("This agent is not supposed to ever be called")